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Brevard County License# 885046209

Having worked in Brevard County for over 20 years we've done plenty of tree jobs. Some of those jobs were pruning palm trees and some were thinning out and de-mossing large Oak trees. From difficult removals to large installations we've done it all.

In this gallery you will see some of our more memorable jobs. Sunstate has been involved in projects that not only give your property a fresh, clean new look but also make your trees are prepared for severe weather and safe from disease and pests.

We started out trimming trees and consider it one of our specialties. trees are never an afterthought for us. When we think of your landscape we consider trees as a major focul point that adds beauty and life to your yard.

Removal of 80 foot tall Pine Tree in West Melbourne

We had a great view of West Melbourne today 80 feet above the ground as we removed a large pine tree. Our experts carefully roped and lowered each tree limb and trunk piece safely to the ground. On the ground we cut and stacked the pieces to remove them and load on our dump truck. When only the stump was left we ground out the stump and cleaned up the remaining debris. Though some less experienced tree services may have found this tall...

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Storm Damage Clean-up

A homeowner in Melbourne Beach called us in to remove this Oak tree after hurricane Matthew knocked it down. Unfortunately we could not save this beautiful Oak since it had been uprooted. Luckily it was far enough away from any structures and did not cause any damage. Always consult an experienced professional tree service when dealing with damaged trees so that a bad situation doesn't become worse. It takes an expert to properly evaluate...

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Demossing & Thinning of an Oak Tree

A Homeowner in West Melbourne asked us to demoss and trim their Oak trees. Spanish moss does not kill trees since it is not a paresite but an air plant that simply uses the tree as a source of support. But it can cause the tree to have less and less foilage as the moss grows because it shades the tree from the sun. Removing moss from Oak trees is a timely process which exceeds the cost of normal trimming but if left unattended can result in...

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